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SkipDNS – The new way to verify your site is working after a migration before any DNS changes

When doing a website migration from one web host to another, the most common way of previewing your website on the new server without making any changes to your DNS records is to update your local hosts file, but, now there is another way, introducing SkipDNS. Once you know the…

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VPN service that is secure, cost-effective and easy to use – how we built our VPN service

The VPN industry is pretty full these days, with hundreds of companies either providing their own built platform or reselling from third party providers, with this in mind, we wanted to explain why we decided to get into this market and why our service is a little different. First, let’s…

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Creating a Premium hosting product

Host Media this week launched its Premium cPanel Web Hosting packages, designed to outperform the majority of the hosting services out there today but at a reasonable price. Some of the key features we focused on were: Contention Traditionally, most hosting companies define their account limits on servers by a…

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