March 20, 2012

WordPress Security

Over the past week we have noticed a few attempts to hack our lovely blog which our servers MalWare scanners picked up and our team corrected and resolved the issues. We are doing some more scans and looking into this more PLUS installing tracking systems to detect and gather hackers information to prevent such things happening again, we wanted to share a few useful WordPress plugins which will help you protect yourself from these sorts of issues.

To make this a bit more interesting we have done a little award like article for each different area of security plugins for WordPress:

BEST Anti-Virus Plugin
This award goes to WP Anti-Virus (, it is really easy to use and it does the one thing you really want to do on your WordPress install; scan themes to see if they have been hacked! It shows the files in a fantastic way so its easy to understand which files are clean and which ones you need to look at. It also shows the code that it picked up that needs looking into.

BEST MalWare Plugin
This award goes to Sucuri SiteCheck Malware Scanner (, the one feature we loved was the 1-click Hardening feature. Handy if you have forgotten some basic things you can do to help protect your WP install.

BEST Security Plugin
This award goes to BulletProof Security (, this plugin we would recommend using from the start and not in a already running blog as it asks to create new htaccess files which may not work if you have your own custom htaccess files etc but with it’s handy range of tools and suggestions you can install this plugin just for that. It gives you insight to what you can do and provide automatic creation of htaccess files that will protect you fully.

Well that is our award presentation, hope you like our 3 awarded plugins. If you would like to share your views of WordPress security or anything else why not visit our FaceBook page at:

Safe blogging!

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