We are very proud to announce another free service from Host Media that anyone can use, if you are a Host Media customer or not you can get free website monitoring for 25 websites.

Some companies will charge you extra for any type of monitoring service to check your website or server is online but we like to include a service for free! All our customers can login to their client portal and order our 25 website monitoring tool for free and gain access to our powerful website monitoring services.

Our monitoring services are perfect for those who want to monitor certain ports / page responses and time-outs. You can setup a page for example in ColdFusion to return a output response in ColdFusion. Is the ColdFusion service fails and the response on the page is not what is expected, the monitoring service will email you straight away. You can also buy SMS credit so our system can text your mobile/cell phone if there is a problem.

Learn more about our monitoring services!

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