As you may have seen on our website we no longer advertise Kloxo on our web hosting services, apart from our VPS and Dedicated hosting solutions.

As a company we have decided to stop offering Kloxo Control Panel solutions due to the low level of support from LxCenter who are the developers behind the control panel. The last update to the control panel was in March 2012 which we do not believe is good enough for our hosting services. No services will be stopped due to this, we will just be stopping new customers from ordering Kloxo based services. You will be able to order cPanel based hosting solutions as normal. We have some exciting new developments coming to our cPanel hosting services which includes:

  • Complete White-label Servers
    This is perfect for resellers and those who would like to advertise ownership of their own servers instead of using a hosting companies services.
  • Full Clustered DNS Network
    We have been slowly implementing this on current servers but with our final Data Centre partner now in use (UK) we will soon be rolling this service to all cPanel based servers. Our clustered DNS network will be based in the following countries:
    – DNS1: Germany
    – DNS2: United States
    – DNS3: United Kingdom
    This provides a global DNS network which we will continue to build on with plans for an Australian based DNS service.

We will continue to support the control panel on our VPS and Dedicated hosting services only as this continues to offer customers a free control panel option.

If you have any questions regarding Kloxo or our new cPanel enhancements please contact our sales team.

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