Adding to our 2 other Railo hosting locations we are happy to announce our 3rd Railo location, the UK. We have been offering US and Germany based solutions for some time which has worked well and has been a fantastic service to offer our customers. As many of our customers are UK based we felt that a second EU location would be of great value.

If you have any questions regarding our Railo service or our UK locations please contact our sales team.

Learn more about our Railo Hosting:

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  1. good news. though i’m grateful to the german support team, i don’t know if it was their lack of knowledge regarding railo, a slight language barrier, or something else, but we had issues that really shouldn’t have been issues. at one stage i had support tell me that a railo file couldn’t be the default file on the railo server!! have the initial problems that existed on the railo server in germany been ironed out on the uk server?


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