As some of you may know we are partnered with MaxMind, Inc to help prevent fraudulent orders from being processed by our system automatically. This system has worked very well up to now but with the increasing number of fraud orders being placed with smarter systems and remote machines from addresses near to stolen payment gateway logins we needed something more powerful. With this in mind we have now signed up to MaxMind Premium Fraud Protection. As well as this we have also put in place a new telephone order validation system for orders that have been detected as possible fraud and this validation is also on certain products and services that fraudsters appear to go after.

This improved service will also help those customers who place true and honest orders that get flagged as fraud to allow them to confirm their order with an easy automated telephone verification. This also means you will not need to contact our team to have your order activated. Of course if there are any issues or questions with your order verification then you can speak to a member of our sales team via a support ticket.

The system will only run the verification on your first order just as our current system does, if you are already customer this will not effect you.

We are working closely with companies such as MaxMind by passing fraudulent/bank charge-back data to these anti-fraud companies to benefit the hosting and online commercial industry.

We hope the improved security will benefit new and current customers by stopping abusers and fraud users from getting on our network.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact the management team.

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