Late last year we started making our 2013 plans for the services we would like to go forward more with and where to focus our efforts. The discussions were mainly in terms of the global locations and the suppliers we want to become our primary suppliers. We have decided to disband two locations, one in the United Kingdom and the second in the United States due to having multiply locations in both countries we wanted to focus more technology in just one data centre in each. Below is a list of moves we at Host Media are going forward with over the course of the next month:

  • Phoenix AZ, USA (Media/Railo/VPS) => Kansas City MO, USA
  • Hampshire, UK (Media/Railo/VPS) => Coventry, UK

This will be a large undertaking by the team but we will be working hard to make sure each client is informed of all changes to their hosting service. Many customers will not need to make any changes at all as the DNS services will be updated our end.

The first stage will be the migration of our Media services followed by our Railo hosting servers and finally our Virtual Private Server customers.

We are also planning to migrate those VPS clients using node: ALPHA (Location: DE/Germany) to other nodes in our racks due to hardware replacement to newer technology. A new Alpha node will later be setup for new customers to use.

As some of you maybe aware at present we are in the final stages of moving our Kloxo ColdFusion 9 clients to our larger cPanel ColdFusion 9 servers and hope to have this completed in the week. Email updates will be sent out this week with full details.

With these migrations we hope this will allow us to focus more on each service we provide as well as provide a better service and support to all our customers.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact the management or the sales team using a support ticket.

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