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As part of our growing commitment to the CFML language, community and our customers we have expanded our Lucee CFML hosting services with a new location; the beautiful Sydney, Australia.

Our Australian servers come packed with the same great features as our current Lucee hosting; cPanel 11, global DNS and of course Solid State Drives. A new feature that comes with this great new location is the availability of IPv6 addresses. These can be assigned to your cPanel account on request. We will be phasing out the use of IPv4 addresses through out our network over the next couple of years. This helps ensure we keep hosting costs down and services using the latest systems. Just open a support ticket and one of our helpful members of staff will get you all setup.

Hosting Location SelectorIf you would like to order a Lucee hosting package on the new location, all you have to do is view our Lucee hosting packages and click on the ‘Order’ button to start the order process – it only takes 5min to setup an account and place your first order. You will be able to select the new Australian location from the drop down menu when placing your order. If you already have a Lucee or even a legacy Railo package but on a different location and you wish to move to the Australian based servers, just open a sales ticket and we will get the migration of your account started.

What’s next?
We are looking at releasing a number of global Lucee hosting locations over the next year. Our next release will be in the United States using our new hardware which is being moved into place soon.

If you have any questions about our Lucee hosting or any of our services please do contact us and we will be more than happy to assist, or why not post us a comment using the form below.

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