Gaining trust with customers is one of the key elements to a successful website, this is what makes people buy from brands that they might never have heard off before. So here is a few ideas on how to pimp up your website and gain your customers trust.

Add Trust Badges

One of the quickest ways to add a little trust to your website is by the use of trust badges, you can get these from a range of companies that will verify your website or that will confirm your identity as a business. A common one that you may not instantly think off is the PayPal Verified account badge.

Get your website trusted

Get yourself a SSL

Most people think a SSL is only required if you are taking card payments or personal information, SSLs do a lot more than just that! It shows potential customers that the owners take website security seriously and ensures all data transmitted is secured. We recommend to our clients that their entire website is secured under a SSL not just pages that have forms or ordering pages.

SSLs are also known to increase your SEO score with Google, so that is another reason to get your site secured with a SSL.

Be active on social media

Social media is becoming more and more of a requirement for any company. Most customers will check out a companies social presence for a couple reasons:

  • Are they active and shown to be providing useful information on their tweets/posts
  • Do they respond to customers who have contacted them via social media

Update your content regularly

Regular content updates don’t just help your SEO score with Google and other search engines, it also helps users who visit your site deciding whether to use your website and become a customer. When a user sees a website that has good up to date content such a news articles, case studies, blog articles or social media it provides a reassurance there is someone on the other end working for the company.

Remove any errors or missing content

Seeing an error on a website will most likely turn your potential customers off to find a company that can manage their website properly. Don’t let your website fail you by failing to check over your website regularly. Get a friend or family member to have a scan through your website just in case you missed something. Google also provides handy tools to check over your website for any major errors such as 500/404 errors.

Don’t hide away your company details

Most people will want to ensure they can find your details in case something goes wrong or to ensure you actually have an address that can be verified against. Make sure to provide a contact email address, phone number and a postal address.

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