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Knowing what user role to assign to your WordPress users is very important, not just from a security point of view but also from a content aspect.

There are 5 default user roles by default:

  • Administrator
    Has access to all administrative options and features. Keep the number of administrators to a small number of trusted people.
  • Editor
    Can manage and publish posts. Traditionally, editors review posts submitted by contributors and then schedule them for review. Think of this role as a manager of your writing team.
  • Author
    Can publish their own posts when they wish. You can treat this role as a trusted user who will be able to publish content to the site without the need for permission.
  • Contributor
    Can write posts but cannot publish them. Instead, they need to submit their posts for review. You should consider this role when you have a team of writers that you look after and moderate their work.
  • Subscriber
    Has basic functionality such as changing their profile and leaving comments. This is perfect for your basic site user that doesn’t need access to any publishing/admin tools.

If you want to add more roles to your WordPress install then there is a handy role manager that can help, the User Role Editor. The editor allows you to completely customise every permission of a user role. If you are new to WordPress then it is best to stick with the default roles to be on the safe side.

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