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Since the start of 2017 when we asked our customers for their feedback on our services, we have been putting together a plan on how we can improve our Lucee hosting. We will soon be releasing a range of new packages and updated details on our website, but here is what we are planning.

Automatic Lucee – No more waiting!

After months of testing, we have a production-ready ModCFML configuration, which means no more submitting tickets to activate your Lucee service. You will simply order your Lucee package, receive an email with your Lucee details and away you go. That is it!

Performance is key

Every idea about how we can improve our Lucee hosting we have always kept an eye on performance. As well as being a feature rich service, we are aiming to have the best performing Lucee service that anyone can offer. As you would expect we have put a lot of work on the Cloud platform that will host the instances – faster drives, more memory and all the other bells and whistles. Another area we are changing is the per cPanel account domain limits, we will no longer provide unlimited addon/parked/subdomains under the new packages. This will ensure a single account doesn’t become too overloaded with domains, which is one of the main causes of service slowness. Instead, we will be focusing our packages around single sites/applications to ensure the best level of CFML uptime and performance.

Using PHP as well? Don’t worry we have our eye on performance there too. With cPanels latest release of EasyApache 4, we deploy multiple versions of PHP all with OpCache.

Dedicated SQL Servers

MySQLUnlike most shared hosting setups, we will be separating the MySQL server away from being local to a dedicated MySQL server. This matches a more common enterprise server setup and by moving all database operations to its own server it will free up server resources on the web server. When configuring your data source name or script connections you will use ‘remotesql‘ as the hostname instead of ‘localhost‘, everything else remains the same – for example creating and manging your databases in cPanel.

Lucee Reseller Hosting

One of the most requested hosting features for Lucee was the ability to resell our Lucee hosting. This is still under development/testing but we are very happy to confirm it will be available before the end of this year. There are a number of reasons for the delay in releasing the reseller side of Lucee hosting but we will make sure to keep everyone updated as we go along. One bit of information we can provide is that it will be included in our Global Reseller Hosting Platform.

Lucee cPanel Plugin

We love cPanel and if you have used our Adobe ColdFusion hosting you will notice we even built a plugin for it (CFManager). Our development team have started planning a number of releases for cPanel Lucee plugin that will provide Lucee details, script installers and quick links to important Lucee admin functions. The initial plugin release will be simple but will be the building blocks of the only Lucee cPanel plugin for wide production use.

Lucee Updates

With Lucee providing monthly rollouts of their latest code fixes, features and improvements we will also be rolling them out monthly as well, so you are always up to date with the latest from the Lucee team. Our testing team will be using the ‘snapshot’ versions of Lucee to test the code and if any issues occur we can hold off on any releases.

JetBackups, of course


As with our current range of CFML hosting services we will be using JetBackup from JetApps for our backup solutions. JetBackup provides the ease and performance for enterprise solutions, you will be able to restore files, databases, DNS and even emails directly from cPanel. No need to open a ticket, just login to cPanel, select the backup file you wish to restore and that is it. We will backup every file incrementally and all your databases every day. Your emails, DNS and Cron Jobs will be backed up once a week.

So that is about it for now and you are probably wondering when all of this will be ready! We expect to have the new packages online around the middle of October, so yes that soon! We are nearly at the end of our testing phase but look out on our social channels for further updates. The above elements may change but at this phase, we do not expect anything too.

If you have any comments, feedback or questions feel free to comment below or contact a member of the team.

UPDATE – 15 Oct 2017

We have now released our new Lucee hosting packages and servers, for more information please visit our Lucee Hosting page on our website. Please feel free to get in touch with the team if you have any questions or feedback.

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