Back in November last year we wrote a post about the online free SEO tool known as Website Grader, used by thousands of users the well used SEO tool has started to be come under fire from some SEO companies, web designers / developers and general internet service people.

The website is built to scan your website and detect as many variables as it can such as; Pagerank, Incoming links, Headings, Image alt tags, blog ranking, rss feed and many, many more..

We wanted to share our findings and give a range of links to other blogs that have their own opinions. We hope to be able to offer all the views on this website and clear any mis-understandings that some users may have when using sites like these.

Are they doing anything wrong?

No is the simple answer, their website is a great tool and their are doing nothing wrong such as tricking people from what we can see and believe they are trying to create an online tool that will be able to offer a range of users / companies a helping hand in the SEO department.

Our thoughts…

Our team has been using Website Grader as a online tool for a good year and a bit now and as long as they keep up to date with new features we will continue to use them. Host Media UK has now got a score of 94/100 on the website which we are pretty happy with BUT want it a lot higher than that. We have found the website handy for giving our clients an idea of how our SEO work is getting on and how popular their website is getting (Along side Google Analytics of course).

It does target the non high usage internet user very well with its clean interface and compare tool which makes the site a bit more than just see your stats and be done with it. It becomes a more of a competition with your competitors to get your ranking better which we all here find fun some times and have a good laugh when we are a lot higher than other websites.

As I keep saying it is a tool, its meant to advice and not be taken as “My site is so much better than yours” as all designers / developers will know it comes down to many things to become high in Google (and other search engines).

We are not trying to persuade people to use this tool as each is to their own, but only trying to get a better view of how it works.

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