After a very successful 2019, we find ourselves in a new decade, so it is fitting that it will be 2020 that involves the most amount of changes.

Upgraded CFML Services

Last year we moved more customers to our Coventry racks on our new Dell and Supermicro servers, we will continue this with the move of our CFML (Adobe ColdFusion & Lucee) based customers. We have brought in specially built Dell servers to handle these customers needs with high-performance memory and super-fast Samsung solid-state drives. This will be a long process to ensure everyone’s applications run as expected after the move and we will be supporting customers as much as possible to ensure a smooth migration.

Improved Backups

One area we have wanted to increase is our backups features on our shared and reseller platforms. This year we will be standardising all servers with JetBackups using our Backblaze storage and increase the retention periods to ensure we have even more historical backups available. This will help with customers that may have cancelled some time ago and wish to have their accounts restored.

Upgraded US Servers

As with our UK servers we have wanted to upgrade our US servers with solid state drives and generally higher-performing servers. We will be rolling out the first set of these this year which will be for our shared and reseller customers.

Other News

The above-featured changes will not be everything we do. We have plans to adjust our WordPress hosting which will involve migrations to newer servers. Updates will also be coming out to our CFManager platform for our Adobe ColdFusion customers. To our Reseller Panel customers, you will see new releases over the year for better integration with cPanel, WHMCS and new integration to allow you to setup DirectAdmin accounts.

New KVM VPS services were rolled out in December with a soft launch which has gone down very well. We are also offering unmanaged VPS services that are cheaper and aimed at those who want to handle all system matters themselves. You can also find a dedicated website for our unmanaged server at and you can find our managed VPS details here:

So to summarise

  • Upgraded CFML hosting services with high performing Dell servers
  • JetBackups on all shared and reseller hosting plans for free
  • Increased backup retention for more availability of our backups
  • Upgraded US servers with high-performance servers
  • Upgraded WordPress servers
  • New updates to our custom platforms such as CFManager and Reseller Panel

If you have any comments, feedback or questions please feel free to leave a comment below or contact a member of our sales or social media team who will be more than happy to assist.

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