After very useful review comments we found that Host Media UK needed a better way of getting information in case of a fail of the main US web servers.

As the Host Media UK website is on the main servers to allow examples of speed, features etc when a server restart occures and a short period where sites may go offline customers were unsure what was going on. This is also the case when a server is being upgraded, which mainly happens to our US servers as our UK servers are build based on the UK2 systems and dedicated servers.

If any of the US servers or dedicated servers go down and the Host Media UK website is unable to be accessed customers will be able to use which is a phpBB3 forum where customers can see posts by the team or other customers regarding any issues. The site will continue to get improved with new features over the next few months. The site is hosted on our UK servers in London to make sure they are kept in a different area than the main network so all customers will have a way to contact the team or find updates on any matters.


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