September 17, 2009

New servers coming soon…

Host Media UK and AeonCube Networks have been developing its relations with some of the larger data centres in the UK, US and Asia to help develop our network to an even larger group.

We originally planned to hold off this new venture but with the recent load on our current network we wanted to ensure that our systems will be very reliable where ever our customers websites are hosted.

Server locations

Blue Square House

One of the big names in the UK (located in Berkshire) Blue Square, which offers a huge facility (10,000 sq.ft) to run our high performance servers. With powerful connections to the rest of the EU we will soon move most of our UK hosting needs to Blue Square.


Singapore data center offers an amazing uptime, superior network facilities, professional team and their private VLAN connecting Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, India and Philippines. We look forward to see what Pacnet can offer in the future plans for our Asia network.

We will also have new facilities in the US which include:

  • California:
    Ubiquity Server Solutions
  • Illinois:


  • New York:
    Dedicated NOW
  • Texas:
    The Planet

We will keep all our customers informed of this venture as we hope to go online soon. With this we are also looking to start our fully supported Windows hosting using Plesk with MsSQL, ASP.NET.

Best regards

Host Media UK Team

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