The CSS Awards

Host Media UK has been nominated for website of the year 2009 by The CSS Awards website. Our website has now been listed in the honorable mention gallery and we await the end judges pick of website of the year for 2009. We are continuing to develop our website more with extra information and details about our services features and we hope to continune to improve our services.

About The CSS Awards:

“The CSS Awards are given to the best CSS websites in the world from the top designers, agencies and bloggers working today.”

The CSS Awards base their reviews on the following;  design 50%

creativity 25% content 15% usability 10%

Our design agency AeonCube Networks are planning on submitting a few more websites in the next couple of months which we hope will also gain high praise for the amount of work that went into them.

The CSS Awards 2009

The CSS Awards 2009

We would like to thank everyone who supported the website with their comments about the design, coding and the interface.

The image to your right shows ours websites listed in the honorable mention gallery. We hope to have users rating soon when it is published fully. Users will be able to rate the site from 1-10 and with the highest being places as site of the day and then later on site of the month is the ranking is high enough.

Even though many of the websites on this site are design agencies, development companies we are one of only a few that are commercial websites for the general public and to be approved is a great reward in its self. A lot of the websites listed have unique ideas and concepts when it comes to design and we us now placed in the middle of them we are very excited about the future of our website.

Make sure to rate our website on The CSS Awards website, we will post more information when it comes available.

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