After long talks with the Vivio Data Centre in Walla Walla, Washington we have now agreed a contract to have new servers placed within the fantastic facility. With this new data centre comes new services which include Linux based Railo hosting which allows you to host .cfm files without the expense of ColdFusion.

Railo 3.1Railo comes with many great features that allow you to use the power of ColdFusion without spending out for the hosting. Railo is also more stable and faster than the ColdFusion engine.


  • Use most of the ColdFusion tags and custom tags from the Railo team.
  • Your own cfadmin to add mappings / datasources / etc
  • Open source built so we can work on adding new connectors and system addons
  • Works with the following ColdFusion frameworks:
    1. Coldbox
    2. Transfer ORM
    3. CFWheels
    4. Fusebox
    5. Mach II
    6. Reactor – ORM
    7. Model Glue
  • Supports most database types including MySQL, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, Access, etc

Our view of Railo

As ColdFusion based developers finding a easy to use and powerful scripting language that can handle our clients requirements is a huge plus. This is why ColdFusion was picked as the main development language for us, when we heard about Railo we were very excited about the idea of a server side software that will use almost everything that ColdFusion does but open source and free. As you may know ColdFusion Standard has a price tag of over £800 (Ext VAT) for 1 server licence which for many is alot to invest in.

We are now moving our scripting plans to be able to handle both ColdFusion and Railo so if you use our scripting services you dont need to worry about expense of ColdFusion and use Railo.

Railo on ordering

As we will be offering railo services to all LxAdmin hosting package apart from the basic package you will have Railo Activiated on your account within 48 hours after ordering as our team does need to add your account to a XML file that handles the paths for your hosting. All other features of your hosting will be enabled straight away which will include PHP, MySQL etc.

LxAdminLxAdmin (Kloxo)

Kloxo (Previously Lxadmin) is trivially the most advanced and flexible hosting platform on this planet. From Kloxo HostinABox that can run a full featured hosting on 15MB RAM to Kloxo Enterprise, which is only truly distributed hosting platform in the industry, Kloxo is a single software that can power all areas of your hosting business, whether it is powering your entire shared hosting or simple control panel that you can sell with your VPS offering.

Why LxAdmin

We have picked LxAdmin for this new server and service due to its low performance requirements and its easy to use interface. Similar to cPanel in many ways, this control panel allows you to manage every part of your website hosting.

DNS Information

Packages / Ordering / Pricing

At the current time we are working on the websites detail page for Railo / LxAdmin hosting and our team is deciding on the best pricing structure for this. We think basic LxAdmin hosting without Railo will start at £5 per year and will be listed with the hosting packages under ‘Shared Hosting’. Railo Hosting will be a dedicated section on our website with all information regarding its features and what you will be able to use on the hosting package.

We will post more information here on our blog in the next day or so.

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