Today we received information back from our new data centre in the US regarding our new Railo servers which we are happy to say they are now in the final stage of development. The servers have been tested with all basic systems such as CentOS, LxAdmin (Kloxo), Railo 3.1 Final and PHP with MySQL.

The final step is the important part, to make the DNS systems assign to IP’s and the server load is monitored for a minimum of 6 hours to make sure no upgrades to the hardware is required which we are sure they are not as the servers are the latest from our suppliers in the US.

We hope to have the servers up in the next 48 hours, it is not as we expected date we had planned but with this delay we have been able to do extra testing and prep time. Our development team is looking forward to using Railo and we hope to have a range of websites to show off the power of Railo.

NOTE A: Railo 3.1 Final uses the tags of ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9 is currently in the next phase of development.

NOTE B: If you are after adult hosting for Railo we are sorry to say our contract we have agreed with our new US data centre means we will be unable to hosting adult material on the Railo servers.

NOTE C: As our data centre is working on a connector for LxAdmin => Railo our team will need 48 hours on all new domains/accounts that are setup to enable Railo on the account. This is an easy process for us to do and wont be a problem. This is just due to the host files in apache not being read by Railo. We hope to have a connector in the near future no manual work on these XML files will need to be done.

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