January 27, 2010

Our first month of 2010

Well the first month of 2010 comes to an end and with many companies including us doing final TAX/VAT returns we took some time to look how we have done compared to last year and to also share this with our customers.

Some figures for you: (January 2009 compared to January 2010)


10% Increase
Traffic: 22% Increase

As our basic figures show above suggest we have done very well compared to last years January, but this is not a reason for us to keep as we are but more of an incentive to push on further so next year we can double our popularity on the net.

We have made some new friends over the past couple of months, one of them we are very proud to have become apart of is Railo. Our development team has been following Railo with great interest and has shown their support by joining the official Railo group hosted on Google Groups. We have also been speaking with a couple of their team with regards to having Host Media UK listed on their website as a Railo hosting provider which we are very much looking forward too.

What’s coming next month:

February will be another important month for us, one of them will be a move to new offices for our team in London (located in W1) to meet with clients as well as setting up a Colchester based office. With this new move our studio will be able to offer more services to our design clients and we will be able to help offer more future hosting support services.

A large part of our improvement plan is to increase the performance of the client support side of hosting as we have been increasing the support to the servers with new contracts to our data centers all over the world but our in house support team are looking to grow. One plan is to bring a dedicated team for each area of our services, we have already start by splitting up the way you open a support ticket so your ticket goes to the right department. The first area to have its dedicated support team will be the shared hosting services as this has become one of our largest services provided.

As we are looking to help promote Railo as a service on the net we will be publishing some simple to use scripts for both Railo and ColdFusion with installers so our customers can start playing with our Railo services and see how much easier is to develop using ColdFusion / Railo.

Thank you to all our customers / clients for using our services and hope we can make 2010 a great year for hosting.

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