April 7, 2010

URL Shortener

SMURL.BE - URL Shortener

Another services to add to the long list of websites AeonCube Networks owns and runs. SMURL.BE is the latest in URL shortening technology for the web, it allows fast URL rewriting to a easy to view URL.

Example URL: http://smurl.be/?54894

Features coming soon: (Short list)

  • User accounts to keep records of your URL’s
  • See your websites short URL’s created by your and others
  • Full stats for country, computer type, language, browser used, etc
  • Paid services for custom 1/2 charater long URL’s
  • Script add-ons for WYSIWYG editors (FCKeditor / TinyMCE)
  • Mobile friendly version (Supporting less graphic based phones)

Start using SMURL.BE today and get better, shorter URL’s.

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