Today our team is working on a new way to host Railo which could allow better interface between the control panel and the Railo service. We have brought a new server (US based) to install the latest cPanel and the latest Railo to work together with high performance.

The features we would like to start offering on this service is:

  • Add domain names to the Railo service to work from midnight onwards


    Add domain names to work instantly with Railo without the midnight Railo service restarts we currently do

  • Allow data sources (DSN) to be setup / managed within cPanel so no need to access the Web Administrator
  • Also to allow mappings to be managed within cPanel
  • WHM reseller permissions to enable or disable Railo for an account as a feature

This service will be released as stable while we start adding new features over time as listed above. We hope to have the Railo & cPanel service testing finished by the end of the week (9th / July / 2010).

Keep an eye on our blog for updates.

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