With our new server up & running today we have finished the main install of Railo 3 onto the server with Resin which we are happy to inform everything on that it is working just fine on our cPanel based server.

We are currently looking to see how Railo can integrate with the servers hosts XML file so no adding host entries into the Resin file.

The techie part:

What we want to use:
<host regexp=”(.+)”>
<web-app id=”/” document-directory=”.”/>
What we would need to use if we couldn’t / didn’t want to read a hosts.xml file:
<host id=”DOMAIN.COM” root-directory=”/home”>
<web-app id=”/” root-directory=”USERNAME/public_html” />
This is the key part for getting Railo working with any site created on the server without the need for our team to do extra work. Not that we are lazy but nice to take unneeded work out of the process. This would also get our sites using Railo straight away or atleast without a long wait if Resin did require a midnight restart (2-5 Second Restart).
Our hopes are that we can have something ready for the release of our brand new server range to celebrate the day.
From the server logs and reports our development / testing server is handling Railo pretty well, and we maybe rolling out Railo to a much larger group than we thought. Maybe a standard feature on our Media hosting!
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