Last time we spoke about our plans for combining our 2 NY media servers into one server, after meetings with directors and the team about this we have come up with a better way of hosting media websites and keeping a high level of service to both the customers and the servers.

One of the key points that was raised was having all the sites hosted on one huge machine, no matter what the servers specifications are servers are still hardware which could fail but we always try our hardest to make sure that does not happen. The end conclusion was not to combine but to divide our NY2 server into 3 different areas, as our NY2 server is the server we want to move away from due to hardware upgrades we require.

So… the best way to show what our plans are is by a nice illustration of the plan.


Once we have completed this work we can increase the performance of our services which is our main goal. In the end of these changes we will have a total of 2 new servers.

These plans will be starting to go through within the next few days, we have already setup our new servers apart from our UK, London server which should be with us within the next day or so.

We will be doing everything we can to make sure we have a stable network for our customers and these new systems will greatly improve our already stable network.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to open a support ticket via the client area.

Thank you

Host Media UK Team

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