From our post (read here) about making our Railo service even faster we found some issues with our Railo memory usage which you may have seen by short periods where Railo failed and required a restart. After a couple of days of testing we found the Java behind Railo required a lot more Ram than we thought so we can increased the amount by double and increase the amount that Java can use to handle the Railo service.

After our major increase we have found Railo to be working well and the server appears to be handling websites much better. With this we have also learned a bit more about Railo, we can now see when Railo requires more from the server and can easily upgrade when its time to. At the moment the server is running great and everything seems to be fine. We will keep an eye on the server logs to see any further issues that may appear.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us via a support ticket.

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