After our successful survey for ColdFusion 9 services on Linux we have now decided to go ahead with ColdFusion and have placed a new server in our racks to start offering this services within 2 weeks time.

Our timeline:

  1. Install best OS for ColdFusion
  2. Install ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with the latest patches for the new security fixes
  3. Install Control Panel (LxAdmin / Kloxo)
  4. Test connections and server resource usage
  5. Install media features such as PHP Ming and FFmpeg
  6. Run dedicated tests on the service from our internal team
  7. Meet to discuss results and server usage and if required upgrade servers features
  8. Start our beta tests for a select group of users with free accounts to use ColdFusion 9 hosting
  9. If all is well in 2 weeks time we will release the service to the public. If any issues and requires more time a notice will be made to everyone.

Thank you to those who gave us their feedback on the ColdFusion on Linux survey, we are still happy to hear peoples comments & views on this and you can still access the survey here:

If you would like to see the ColdFusion packages and prices that are set at the moment (may change) please visit:

Thank you from all of the Host Media UK team!

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