After having so many people interested in using the ColdFusion 9 BETA hosting since we released this phase we thought we better write up a little updates on everything and what’s happening. Don’t worry all is good and going well for the full release date!

  1. Issue: We had some issues with the security of ColdFusion usinf cfdirectory / cffile but we have now fixed this and all is ok
  2. System Required: We wanted to allow a user to be able to create DSN without needing to wait around for our team to add it in or even the edit it with the details. Even if we added it within a minute we know as developers ourselves we want it added now so we can get on with coding live. Thats why we are in the middle of building this system, its around 60% done and should be finished in the next couple of days.
  3. The two major ColdFusion blog/cms systems we really wanted to make sure worked works fine both Mura CMS & BlogCFC works great and thank you to our Beta testers for testing them out.
  4. Beta Tester Suggestion: A suggestion that was made about the control panel was some user guides to help with Kloxo. We have had plans to release online videos for both cPanel & kloxo as our 2 main control panels used and after this greater interest we will be releasing our videos in the next day or so.

Thank you again to our beta testers for their great jobs and we are looking forward to releasing the news that ColdFusion 9 Hosting is officially released.

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