After many talks within the team we have decided to move our corporate website to our new Cloud services in the US to give us the very best in performance and website availability to our customers. This will be a huge move due to the amount of data, software IP changes and API IP changes for so many applications. We except to have the move done by mid week next week which will be the main bulk of the move (files, apps etc.).

We have already registered our new and more secure SSL and have everything setup ready and our team are looking forward to the increased speeds from our website. After this major move we will be aiming to improve our websites speed and SEO by re-writing a lot of the code behind the site to give our customers the fastest site to browse, with this update we will also be planning to release our mobile version of our website which will be hosted on our CF9 or Railo servers to work with all phones. A news article will be released soon regarding the mobile site.

Thank you and happy hosting!

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