Over the past couple weeks we have been making plans for 2011 for new and current customers. We thought we would share what was discussed and any comments or feedback please feel free to use the comment box to share your thoughts.

Service Improvements

  • An extra helping hand
    Offering the very best support is a timely task for any hosting provider that offers the amount of services we do as the prices that can’t be beaten so our team would be hiring a few extra hands to help with its 24/7 support. The support employees would be level 1 & 2 grade support to help handy issues for the general user. We currently have a level 3 support employees which will be able to work on the major issues instead of all tasks.
  • Want a secure backup system for your VPS or Dedicated server?
    At the moment we have standard backup options for our VPS & dedicated servers but we understand some clients want to be offered backups their can manage and preform restores at any time so we aim to roll out fully managed & unmanaged backup solutions to VPS & Dedicated server customers.

New Services

  • ColdFusion 9 with cPanel/WHM *
    One major interest we have seen since the release of our CF9 with Kloxo is to have cPanel as well for our ColdFusion services. So the team have confirmed with our suppliers for costs of server + cPanel + the latest CF9 ready for us to confirm when we wish.
  • Going to our media name by adding Shoutcast services
    When Host Media UK started with the idea of offering media servers for mainly the video based market we knew off Shoutcast but was unsure about the requirements, limits, costing and so on but after a meeting and looking what we would need we found everything we need is already on our racks and in our data centres ready for us to plugin the application behind Shoutcast and offer instant setup on Shoutcast hosting.


  • Upgrades to service information site pages *
    We want our website to be clear and easy to follow which for the past 2 years has done its job, but with so many new services been added to our collection we would like to improve the way you go about selecting the right package for you. For example as we are planning to release the option of selecting either CF9 with Kloxo or cPanel we do not want extra pages where a simple select the best type for you and order.
  • Online forum
    We have been thinking of having an online forum for users to share thoughts, comments and general knowledge for Host Media UK. The thoughts and concerns were some people just don’t like joining forum after forum after forum for so many different things and a hosting providers forum would just become another one to join. So the idea of being integrated into our billing system came up so the user can use the forum & billing system without needing to register any more information.
  • Affiliate web banner creator
    Something from our development team has suggested, while we love seeing our affiliates create their own banners or even use our pre-designed banners on their websites. We thought for those who would like to create stunning banners but don’t have the skills, software or time to create them that we would provide an easy online banner creator which will allow you to pick the text, background images and so on and of course provide a downloadable JPEG/GIF to add to your website.

NOTE: Items marked ‘*’ are classed as major updates which will be done first to allow us to continue better with the other updates.

Sorry to say we can not do all these things at once but we are aiming by end of next year to have most/all in place. We hope you like the ideas our team have come up with and of course any you may have please use the comments box on this post or email us.

We hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy your December!

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