Something we have been wanting to offer for some time after so many people have been asking for it has finally started the testing stage; ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with cPanel/WHM 11 hosting. We will be offering both shared & reseller packages with all the great features of cPanel with ColdFusion 9.

cPanel + ColdFusion 9 Hosting

cPanel + ColdFusion 9 Hosting

What needs to be done
After our successful Kloxo with CF9 we know a lot of the areas we need to work on to make sure our service is fully stable! Here are some of the key elements we will need to work on:

  • Fix the ColdFusion Apache permission issue for CFFile uploads to the temp directory by changing the directory to a friendly server home directory.
  • Test the latest MuraCMS, BlogCFC and Mango Blog to work with the newer 64Bit server.
  • Enable CFManager to work with this second server for ColdFusion which will enable instant DSN setups.

Package Prices
We will be offering the same price & feature plans as our current Kloxo CP based ColdFusion hosting including the free hosting for only £1 setup fee. You will be able to decide which is best for you Kloxo or cPanel.

More ColdFusion Coming
We love ColdFusion so much we are also looking into offering ColdFusion in the UK with a provider who will be able to offer CF8 on Windows (Plesk CP) and support the server requirements better than any other provider in the UK. Another option is to use our current Co-Location providers and have our team run the servers fully with ColdFusion 9 on Windows with Plesk. We will update everyone once we know more on this matter.

General Updates on the ColdFusion side
As always we are always looking to update CFManager with new features and tools, one we have had to put back time and time again due to a heavy increase on work load is CFTracker integration. We are hoping after the release of the CFManager with the added server compatibility we will focus our work load onto adding this invaluable tool to our CFManager. Dave at CFTracker has helped so much and look forward to showing off his work in CFManager.

London Eye New Years Eve 2011

New Years

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy new year! London sure did have a colourful one with a great display of fireworks.

< Photo shows London Eye fireworks from New Years Eve 2011 taken on the London Thames river bank. A great display that lasted a long time!

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