We thought after our last major update on the plans of the ColdFusion 9 on cPanel services it might be a good idea to update everyone, as we keep getting a lot of people asking when this service will be released.

We are currently at the stage of final testing and have planned to make sure this service is released as soon as our new website is released so take advantage of a faster way to order and a site that will provide more information.

Company Update

To start the little update off we will be releasing our brand new website within a couple weeks time, the design has been approved and we think it will show the best of us really well. Being a CFML hosting company we thought we better build the website in ColdFusion, so we are happy to say most of our website will be built with CFML.

Now some business information for you; as you might have read last year was a very good year we met our targets and kept going above the targets. It has not even been half way through January but we have already beaten January 2010 records by a massive 30%.

We have a number of different areas we have been investing time into such as our WebHostDir page which now have an interview with our company director Jonathon Lucas which can be found at: http://uk.webhostdir.com/search/profile.aspx?spid=15533

We also have a Facebook page which we are currently building an application to be integrated into this. You can check us out at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Host-Media-UK/102710030037

For all of those ColdFusion lovers out there you will be able to find one or two of us at Scotch on the Rocks next year (SOTR2012). We are hoping to be one of the proud sponsors and be giving away some great software, books, free hosting and Host Media UK merchandise. We hope to be speaking with the SOTR team shortly after the 2011 conference.

Make sure to follow us on Twitter for the very latest news, offers and features from Host Media UK. You can find us at: http://twitter.com/hostmediauk so join the over 240 users already following us.

Hope everyone has a great rest of January 2011. As always we are here 24/7 so feel free to contact us.

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