After many months of planning, designing and development we are very proud to announce we have released our brand new website built using CFML on our cloud servers here in the UK.

New features:

  • Updated our powerful CFManager to handle both our Kloxo and cPanel services.
  • Improved our ordering security.
  • A powerful broadband availability checker for BT lines in the UK.
  • Advanced caching of our site to improve our sites speed greatly.

New Services:

  • ColdFusion 9 + cPanel 11 Hosting
    Many people have been waiting for this for some time and its finally hear, joining our Kloxo & ColdFusion range is now cPanel 11 with ColdFusion 9. This is the perfect match for any designer, developer looking to use ColdFusion in a stable environment.
  • UK Broadband for BT line users
    One service we are very excited about is the release of our partnership with local ISP’s to provide UK based broadband with great support to back it up. If your tired of the same old broadband provider then we can make sure we go out of our way to help you, just like we do for our hosting customers.
  • Cloud Hosting
    Giving our customers 99.99% uptime is always important on non-cloud hosting but some customers always want that 100% no downtime package so we have released our cloud hosting services (US) which offers a perfect 100% uptime guaranteed. We have future plans to release UK based cloud hosting as well as cloud reseller services so you can start reselling our cloud hosting using cPanel.

There are many other features and elements we are adding in to make the new Host Media UK site a great place for support and showing all the details about our hosting packages. So keep an eye for more added features.

We hope you enjoy the new site, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us 24/7.

Thank you!

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