We have been offering CFML services for a long time now on Linux servers but our team have been working on our very new services ColdFusion 8 on Windows Server 2008 with Plesk.


  • ColdFusion 8
  • ASP.NET 2 & 3.5
  • PHP 5
  • MySQL 5
  • Plesk
  • Windows Server 2008 Edition
  • UK Servers


  • Free hosting available
    Just like our other hosting services we will be releasing a free hosting package which is for a one time setup fee of £1 GBP with instant setup.
  • Low costs for more than any other provider
    Priced packages will start from £3 per month or £15 per year, this will be one of the cheapest CF windows based hosting anyone provides.
  • MsSQL Addon
    We are introducing 100MB MsSQL databases for £7.50 per month so you can start using MsSQL for your applications.

We are not planning to offer reseller hosting for Windows as we would like to make sure we have a stable shared environment to make sure we don’t get issues. This is future planned though.

Why ColdFusion 8 not 9?
We are hoping to upgrade to 9 on these servers but the reason for CF8 instead of 9 is that the current stable version of Plesk control panel currently only supports CF8 fully.

Release due: End of March 2011

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