Lucee CFML Engine

We have been getting a lot of emails regarding the newly released Lucee CFML Engine, we are very happy to confirm that Lucee hosting will be coming to Host Media. We are still in the testing and planning stages for a release – we hope to have servers online very soon. What is Lucee Lucee is […]

Qualys, Inc. a provider of cloud security recently discovered a vulnerability in the Linux GNU C Library (gblic), whereby an attacker could exploit a buffer overflow vulnerability in the functions: gethostbyname*(). We have ensured all our servers have the latest patches and updates to ensure this vulnerability does not cause any issues on our servers. If you […]

On February 1st, 2015, VeriSign, the Registry Operator for the .NET domain, is increasing the annual registration price by $0.61 USD (£0.40 GBP as of 13/Jan/2015). Most domain name and hosting providers are passing this cost on to their customers from the 1st of February. We at Host Media have decided not to increase our pricing. You can […]

A vulnerability in the Linux Bash shell may allow for an attacker to execute code on a server and open the door to other attacks taking place that could lead to the server becoming fully compromised. Affected distributions include: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (versions 4 – 7) Fedora CentOS (versions 5 – 7) CloudLinux Debian If you […]

Is this for me? The new .uk domain represents new opportunity online. The domain for a generation of digital pioneers, it is the modern domain for the future – UK values with a global reach. The new .uk domain will be defined by the people who grab it and use this exciting new territory. If […]

Today at 11:46 (28.02.2013) we received details from Nominet UK that they will not be proceeding with the direct .UK domain extension. One of the concerns we at Host Media put forth to Nominet was the availability to those who already have a .CO.UK (or other .UK) domain brand and if those who do will have priority on the .UK domain extension. […]

If you run a cPanel server or VPS you should have received this email but as some people set their admin email addresses to a inbox that is not checked often we thought we would post the important cPanel/WHM update message here for you to read: Important: New Information about cPanel & WHM 11.30, 11.32, […]

Hackers are targeting a flaw that affects IE 7, 8 and 9 users and could be exploited on XP, Vista and Microsoft’s latest OS release Windows 7. “We are aware of targeted attacks potentially affecting some versions of Internet Explorer” Microsoft Statement Microsoft is urging Windows users to install a free piece of security software to […]