ColdFusion Datasource Name manager for cPanel

In this article we will be having a closer look at one of our in-house built products, the CFManager. Firstly it is a cPanel plugin that allows Host Media customers to manage their Adobe ColdFusion datasource names without requesting them to be managed by an administrator or support member. This saves us and customers a lot […]

At AeonCube Networks and Host Media we have been  moving our CFML code from tag based to cfscript for more performance and to keep up to date with coding in CFML. In doing so we found that when we have our cfquery’s we couldn’t simply add <cfif>/if() within our SQL code. After testing and reading what […]

This is a simple but effective way of getting rid of HTML tags and make the HTML string into plain text to output: #REReplace(htmlStr,”<[^>]*>”,””,”All”)# Example HTML: <h1>Title</h1><p>My content<p> Example Output after: Title My content Host MediaWe have been hosting websites since 2002 and are always moving forward. All articles written under the Host Media author […]

Get great ColdFusion hosting from Host Media One of the main things all developers come to in applications is pagination and the best way we found to do this is by Raymond Camden which covers how to create next and previous buttons for your content using the URL variable. As we have extended what Raymond Camden […]

After 3 months of development first staging of the Polar CMS script has been released to our testers / designers to start playing with. Process of our testing Running the install program to setup the databases and user accounts Use the basic functions of the CMS: – Add pages – Add page elements to change […]

A new part of ColdFusion our development team has been looking into more is the custom tags (cf_). Soon to be used with the Polar CMS (Visit official site), custom tags allow you to have scripts and coding within a tag that can be called from a cfm page as shown below: <!— CFM Page […]

The Coldfusion dateformat works in the same sort of fashion as the ASP.NET and the PHP date time function. As our team mainly works in Coldfusion we can expand alot more on this function that ASP.NET / PHP. The code: (Use this code within a <cfoutput></cfoutput> tag) #DateFormat(Now(), “YYYY”)# About the code: As you can […]

Many of our clients have been asking about detecting if a user is using a blackberry or iPhone etc to view their website and redirect to a mobile version of their websites. Well we have put together a little bit of code to do this: Code example: <cfif findNoCase(‘blackberry’, CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT)> <cflocation url=”” addtoken=”no”> <cfelseif findNoCase(‘iphone’, […]

When working with some of our clients on windows servers we have noticed Coldfusion has some problems when working with images for cfdocument. The Coldfusion shows a 60 second time out error. We found out that it was due to the image location as Coldfusion appears to pull all the files onto is main application […]