To help all our media and reseller customers get the very best out of our cPanel hosting services we have now installed¬†Attracta SEO Tools. Attracta¬†Features Guaranteed Inclusion in Google, Yahoo! and Bing Get Listed in the Powerful Attracta Directory Easily Scan for Malware and Google Blacklisting Improve Your Search Ranking with In-Depth SEO Tips and […]

We get so many questions about SEO that we thought we would put together some of the basics in getting started with SEO for your website. The basics of search When you type a query in the search engine, the query generates a significantly large number of results. Most users will likely find what they […]

Back in November last year we wrote a post about the online free SEO tool known as Website Grader, used by thousands of users the well used SEO tool has started to be come under fire from some SEO companies, web designers / developers and general internet service people. The website is built to scan […]

We have been working on improving elements of our websites so we can be found easier and allow our users better access to the site. Using Website Grader we have scored 85/100 which is great news, and we hope to improve this to the 90’s mark. A website grade of 85/100 for means that […]

AeonCube Networks have brought a new website into our network called Check Your Results ( with a great free tool which allows you to check your search engine position on the following search engines: Google Yahoo MSN Altavista NEW Alexa NEW Currently being looked at to add extra tools into the site to make […]

This is a great SEO tip to get your website higher in the rankings as it puts more focus on your main domain name (either with or without the ‘www’). Why use Permanent Redirects Search engines may think and yourdomain red film hd download are two different sites. Thats why you should set […]

There are many sites that will check your SEO score but how many of them actually help? I have found the most useful SEO score system on the web and I have used many in the past. WebSite Grader: “Website Grader is a free seo tool that measures the marketing effectiveness of a website. […]