Over the past week we have had php_ming on our Linux cPanel servers to work with and many of our customers have already found this feature as a great use. We offer PHP_MING with all our cPanel Linux hosting, see below for a list of hosting packages: Free Web Hosting Stage One Hosting Stage Two […]

Using the ‘cffeed’ allows you to read any websites RSS feed and display it within your coldfusion page. The ‘cffeed’ tag is a very easy tag to use and can be very handy when building a RSS display website. Code to be placed at the top of .cfm page: <cffeed action=”read” source=”http://www.hostmediauk.com/blog/?feed=rss2″ name=”myRSSFeed”> Code to […]

We have now setup FFmpeg hosting on our servers which is a great tool for adding videos to your website. I wanted to add a blog post to give you some links to find out more about this as FFmpeg is very much under used unless you know what it is and what it does. […]

This is a great SEO tip to get your website higher in the rankings as it puts more focus on your main domain name (either with or without the ‘www’). Why use Permanent Redirects Search engines may think www.yourdomain.co.uk and yourdomain red film hd download .co.uk are two different sites. Thats why you should set […]