Coldfusion Detect mobile device wake dvd rip This code detects if the browsing media is a mobile/wap device and redirects to a new directory. Quote: <CFIF CGI.HTTP_ACCEPT CONTAINS “text/vnd.wap.wml”> <CFLOCATION URL=”/wap/index.cfm”> </CFIF> NOTE: This is untested but I have seen this code used on live projects. Host MediaWe have been hosting websites since 2002 and […]

This is a great SEO tip to get your website higher in the rankings as it puts more focus on your main domain name (either with or without the ‘www’). Why use Permanent Redirects Search engines may think and yourdomain red film hd download are two different sites. Thats why you should set […]

We are going to look into using the ColdFusion components known as CFC’s and how easy they can make your web applications.

Some benefits of using CFCs

  • Better security
  • Reuseable code
  • Faster applications

The tutorial
Our first step is to create a database & datasource, you can find all SQL & source files with the ZIP file attached to this thread (You may need to login to access).

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Lately I had been working on flash websites that require a user to pause a movie on what ever frame it is on then continue on another press of a button. So I thought I would post this code as it has come in handy on all my projects for major websites: Quote: /* This […]

As Sessions is a big deal I have decided to make parts to it. In part 1 we are going to see how to detect if a session is undefined and to create it. First thing you need to know is that sessions uses structures, you can have multiply structures for your website for different […]

I was searching for an easy way to create thumbnails for this blog and came across a really easy site to use packed with features. Thumbalizr: “Online and API interfaces have been improved with some new features and better data handling. To make use of the new features, you’ll have to sign up at […]

AeonCube Networks main designers have been talking about a full corporate update of the company website. This would include integrated PayPal systems for all product ordering and user account management. New areas such as ticket support systems and members product download areas would be opened up to allow customers to feel more at home using […]

HOSTING FIRM FASTHOSTS sent a letter to its customers warning them a server had been hacked. The firm said: “We have recently discovered evidence of a network intrusion involving a Fasthosts server. We have reason to believe that the intruder has gained access to our internal systems, and that this may have in turn given […]

I am going to be going into how to get the current date & time with coldfusion, dont worry it is very simple to do and does not require anything special like a datasource. Date First we are going to be working with getting the date onto your page. Step 1 First within your Application.cfm/.cfc […]