We have been working for sometime to build a server up to run ColdFusion and ASP (ASP.NET), currently using Helm and ColdFusion 7 on a Windows server we have manage to host many sites but now as we are looking to host hundreds of websites with ease it was time for us to build our […]

StarGame offers low cost advertising solutions with easy to use systems so you care able to manage your entire advertising compaign without the need for sending emails to change banners or update copy. From as little as £2 for a 468×60 banner you will be able to increase your backlinks Setup of your account is […]

Today we have lauched our Windows servers with ColdFusion MX7 and ASP/ASP.NET for advanced application built. As well as unlimited MySQL database you will be able to use unlimited MSSQL 2005 databases to further your applications and websites. Using Helm 3.2 you can manage your entire website from this great feature packed control panel. We […]