Many of our clients have been asking about detecting if a user is using a blackberry or iPhone etc to view their website and redirect to a mobile version of their websites. Well we have put together a little bit of code to do this: Code example: <cfif findNoCase(‘blackberry’, CGI.HTTP_USER_AGENT)> <cflocation url=”” addtoken=”no”> <cfelseif findNoCase(‘iphone’, […]

Over the past 3 months the AeonCube Network team has been designing, developing and researching a new website design for the top level of our network. We are very happy to say this has now been finished and with only small after live amends to be finished the site is running online now. The new […]

Over the past week we have had php_ming on our Linux cPanel servers to work with and many of our customers have already found this feature as a great use. We offer PHP_MING with all our cPanel Linux hosting, see below for a list of hosting packages: Free Web Hosting Stage One Hosting Stage Two […]

Using the ‘cffeed’ allows you to read any websites RSS feed and display it within your coldfusion page. The ‘cffeed’ tag is a very easy tag to use and can be very handy when building a RSS display website. Code to be placed at the top of .cfm page: <cffeed action=”read” source=”″ name=”myRSSFeed”> Code to […]

Check Your Results has had a bit of a make over with its cleaner design and and simple style to allow users to use the current tool and future ones currently in development. If you have not already checked out the new website its worth seeing and using the search engine link finder. Visit: […]