We have now launched our Railo services to allow ColdFusion CFM / CFC scripts to run without the costs of ColdFusion. Railo 3.1 allows the use of most of the ColdFusion 8 tags. Check out our Railo services: Railo Hosting Package Using LxAdmin (Kloxo) On CentOS Linux Servers If you have any questions feel free […]

As off today our main website hostmediauk.com has been transferred to our latest media servers so that our website can be loaded faster and operate more stable. We are currently working on a couple issues found from our transfer which is our SSL and IonCube connectors. These will be sorted over night by our team. […]

Today we received information back from our new data centre in the US regarding our new Railo servers which we are happy to say they are now in the final stage of development. The servers have been tested with all basic systems such as CentOS, LxAdmin (Kloxo), Railo 3.1 Final and PHP with MySQL. The […]

After long talks with the Vivio Data Centre in Walla Walla, Washington we have now agreed a contract to have new servers placed within the fantastic facility. With this new data centre comes new services which include Linux based Railo hosting which allows you to host .cfm files without the expense of ColdFusion. Railo comes […]

Today was the launch of our second media server, after the past few weeks of heavy use on the media servers we brought in a similar spec server with the updated hardware. This second server will now host all new websites for media and the current media server will continue to host reseller accounts due […]

As part of our plan to improve the reseller hosting services and the information on our website related to reselling our services we have now created anonymous DNS / nameservers so resellers can start giving clients DNS information for their web hosting. This is only one of many steps we have planned and we are […]