After many days of testing, installing the latest systems we can confirm the features and server software on our ColdFusion services: CentOS 5 32Bit LxAdmin/Kloxo Control Panel (Same as our Railo hosting) ColdFusion 9 Enterprise MySQL 5 PHP 5 PHP Ming Enabled FFmpeg Why 32Bit operating system, the main reason is due to the control […]

After our successful survey for ColdFusion 9 services on Linux we have now decided to go ahead with ColdFusion and have placed a new server in our racks to start offering this services within 2 weeks time. Our timeline: Install best OS for ColdFusion Install ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with the latest patches for the new security […]

We are happy to announce we will be releasing our Cloud hosting services to the public in the next 2 weeks. If you are interested in getting cloud hosting now please contact our team and we will setup an account for you. Prices start from £6.95 per month. Going cloud… Many people ask what is […]

This morning has been busy in the office trying our best to improve the following systems on our NY1 server for media & reseller services: Email permissions Fix Insecure Permissions Shell Fork Bomb Protection Added As well as improving the above we have also ran a number security scans to make sure our servers security […]

We are now accepting payment by post with cheques to allow everything to have a way to pay. Please make payments to ‘AeonCube Networks’ and send payment with printed invoice for reference to: AeonCube Networks 145-157 St John Street 2nd Floor London EC1V 4PY United Kingdom Please note it may take up to 30 days to […]

Today the Sport Datum service is launched to provide XML based data feeds to be used on desktop, mobile and of course web based applications. XML can be read by a huge number of coding languages including: ColdFusion, Railo, PHP, ASP.NET, X-Code and many more. You can sign for FREE to the services and get […]

Have your say! We wanted to put the question regarding ColdFusion’s future on Host Media UK to the public to try and help us see the demand for the service. We know ColdFusion is in demand and people love using ColdFusion, we have seen this in Railo which has been more than successful. Q: Would […]

We regret to inform our customers that we have placed our Windows ColdFusion 9 services on hold for the time being due to issues with Windows supporting the control panel we wanted to use. We maybe going for Linux with CF9 in a few weeks time but we must look at our approach to this […]

From our post (read here) about making our Railo service even faster we found some issues with our Railo memory usage which you may have seen by short periods where Railo failed and required a restart. After a couple of days of testing we found the Java behind Railo required a lot more Ram than […]

After some small slow down in the Railo services on our servers we thought we would upgrade our Railo servers RAM. You maybe thinking this is not a big deal, wont change anything and as long as everything is working then nothing to think about… Well with this upgrade you might be interested to know […]