For some time we wanted to start up a new blog area for our guys to write code, reviews and general techie bits. After a couple weeks off and on testing and writing posts we now have a fully working blog for this. This release notice is a bit late as it has been a […]

After almost a month of testing we have publicly released ColdFusion Hosting today as well as our CFManager application which allows users to manage their data source names (DSN’s) instantly without the need to contact us. Features include: CF9, FFMpeg, PHP with PHP Ming enabled, MySQL and Kloxo control panel. Tested Applications: Mura CMS & […]

After having so many people interested in using the ColdFusion 9 BETA hosting since we released this phase we thought we better write up a little updates on everything and what’s happening. Don’t worry all is good and going well for the full release date! Issue: We had some issues with the security of ColdFusion […]