To celebrate our successful first month of offering stunning ColdFusion 9 Enterprise hosting, costing for the cheapest anyone has ever offered before. We wanted to give away what we think is one of the most important ColdFusion books that should be in your collection, A signed copy of Matt Gifford’s new book ‘Object-Oriented Programming in […]

Over the past week we have been working closely with David Boyer from the CFTracker team to work on the new features for our CFManager to give our ColdFusion customers application data which would include information such as sessions, memory usage and so on. With CFTracker enabled within our CFManager we will be able to provide […]

After many talks within the team we have decided to move our corporate website to our new Cloud services in the US to give us the very best in performance and website availability to our customers. This will be a huge move due to the amount of data, software IP changes and API IP changes […]