A couple months back we setup our Facebook page with the hopes we would get a few people liking and following us on there… What we did not expect is over 100 users liking and a constant number of people visiting the site for the latest news & offers. As we reached the milestone of […]

This is a simple but effective way of getting rid of HTML tags and make the HTML string into plain text to output: #REReplace(htmlStr,”<[^>]*>”,””,”All”)# Example HTML: <h1>Title</h1><p>My content<p> Example Output after: Title My content Host MediaWe have been hosting websites since 2002 and are always moving forward. All articles written under the Host Media author […]

We thought after our last major update on the plans of the ColdFusion 9 on cPanel services it might be a good idea to update everyone, as we keep getting a lot of people asking when this service will be released. We are currently at the stage of final testing and have planned to make […]

Over the past year the Sport Datum project has grown well for the free users and everyone seems to love the free service so the project team thought why not offer everything for free. You can now get all the sport data feeds for free to use with your applications, websites and reference with feed […]

Something we have been wanting to offer for some time after so many people have been asking for it has finally started the testing stage; ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with cPanel/WHM 11 hosting. We will be offering both shared & reseller packages with all the great features of cPanel with ColdFusion 9. What needs to be […]