After so many customers asking for MsSQL to be added as a service we are very happy to announce we now offer Microsoft SQL 2008 database hosting with RAID5 hard drives for the best performance, located in Scranton, PA (USA) which gives a great connection to our US based Railo 3 & ColdFusion 9 servers. […]

We are proud to welcome to our group VZHost a US based Virtual Private Server company which was a startup company that took out interest straight away. With its fantastic virtual environment to provide powerful VPS’s starting from only $6.95 per month which is one of the cheapest providers in the world, we can now […]

We have been offering CFML services for a long time now on Linux servers but our team have been working on our very new services ColdFusion 8 on Windows Server 2008 with Plesk. Features ColdFusion 8 ASP.NET 2 & 3.5 PHP 5 MySQL 5 Plesk Windows Server 2008 Edition UK Servers Packages Free hosting available […]

Last month we were voted #1 and this month we are still within the top 25 voted to spot #7 as listed on Web Hosting Directory UK. Make sure to vote for us for next months top 25 UK hosting company. We hope to continue to provide a first class hosting service to new and […]