We have now been offering Minecraft services for 3 months now with a £10 a month discount in our introduction period. This period has now ended but you can still order our great Minecraft services from only £17.50 a month. Make sure to check out our Minecraft service page for more details: http://www.hostmediauk.com/minecraft-hosting/ *Price change applies […]

Being a part of the CFML (ColdFusion, Railo, OBD etc) community in anyway is very important to us and something we love to get involved with when we can. One major element of the community that gets a lot of great press if the award winning CFML application; Mura CMS. The team begin this content […]

Today we found out we were awarded 2 awards for May by the Web Hosting Directory, the first was our 5th time in a row winner being the #3 most popular UK web hosting provider and the second was a new award which is great to see; UK most popular cloud hosting award. If you […]