Running a ColdFusion or Railo event or user group? Host Media UK has started offering sponsorship deals to the CFML community events & user groups to help projects further. Examples of sponsorship support: CFML based hosting for life of the project. Funding, we are already sponsoring such events as 2011 MuraCon, 2012 Scotch On The Rocks and […]

Over the past year we have been aiming to improve our support service level, we recently increased the team to allow faster response times around the clock. We also added 24/7 live chat support to handle all your Level (Tier) 1 needs. Now we are looking at 24/7 telephone support for sales, pre-sales, billing and Level […]

On Saturday 16th of July 2011, at 14:39 PM UK/London time our server management team started to see some unusual activity within the ssh commands list that had been ran. With a number of clients opening support tickets regarding unknown files and settings within their accounts appearing we quickly put the server into its highest […]

Sometime ago we took over VZHost a US based company offering the very best in custom or packaged VPS & dedicated servers at fantastic prices. We are happy to announce VZHost has been completely merged into Host Media UK. All VZHost customers can now login to the billing portal (URL: All VZHost customers now […]