At Host Media UK we believe in the freedoms of our customers and of the Internet. The internet allows those to voice themselves to others around the world! SOPA in it’s current form threatens this freedom. Jonathon Lucas, Company Director Even though we are a UK trading company, we have a large part of our […]

We get so many questions about SEO that we thought we would put together some of the basics in getting started with SEO for your website. The basics of search When you type a query in the search engine, the query generates a significantly large number of results. Most users will likely find what they […]

We are very proud to be the official sponsor of the CFHour podcast show. We have been big fans of these guys over the past year and working together we hope to get more people listening. CFHour is a weekly podcast which is primarily focused on ColdFusion (CFML). While they do discuss other technologies, ColdFusion […]