We are very proud to announce the release of our new ColdFusion 9 & ASP.NET hosting services. ASP.NET has been something we have wanted to offer for some time, and our new services are perfect for any size of ASP.NET application or website. We have installed the most stable version 3.5 with great features enabled. […]

After many months of planning, designing and development we are very proud to announce we have released our brand new website built using CFML on our cloud servers here in the UK. New features: Updated our powerful CFManager to handle both our Kloxo and cPanel services. Improved our ordering security. A powerful broadband availability checker […]

We have been doing the reward for reviews for some time now to help us get more information from our customers for things they like or dislike about our services. We thought we would share some of our customers views on our hosting services: “Having used several hosting companies, I found Host Media and gave […]

Over the past week we have been working closely with David Boyer from the CFTracker team to work on the new features for our CFManager to give our ColdFusion customers application data which would include information such as sessions, memory usage and so on. With CFTracker enabled within our CFManager we will be able to provide […]

After almost a month of testing we have publicly released ColdFusion Hosting today as well as our CFManager application which allows users to manage their data source names (DSN’s) instantly without the need to contact us. Features include: CF9, FFMpeg, PHP with PHP Ming enabled, MySQL and Kloxo control panel. Tested Applications: Mura CMS & […]

After having so many people interested in using the ColdFusion 9 BETA hosting since we released this phase we thought we better write up a little updates on everything and what’s happening. Don’t worry all is good and going well for the full release date! Issue: We had some issues with the security of ColdFusion […]

After many days of testing, installing the latest systems we can confirm the features and server software on our ColdFusion services: CentOS 5 32Bit LxAdmin/Kloxo Control Panel (Same as our Railo hosting) ColdFusion 9 Enterprise MySQL 5 PHP 5 PHP Ming Enabled FFmpeg Why 32Bit operating system, the main reason is due to the control […]

After our successful survey for ColdFusion 9 services on Linux we have now decided to go ahead with ColdFusion and have placed a new server in our racks to start offering this services within 2 weeks time. Our timeline: Install best OS for ColdFusion Install ColdFusion 9 Enterprise with the latest patches for the new security […]

Host Media UK is very excited to announce the soon to released ColdFusion 9 Enterprise web hosting for both shared and reseller hosting on Windows 2008 Servers. Now, everyone likes free things so we are offering a free ColdFusion hosting plan just like our Railo free package which anyone can signup to for a tiny setup […]

After long talks with the Vivio Data Centre in Walla Walla, Washington we have now agreed a contract to have new servers placed within the fantastic facility. With this new data centre comes new services which include Linux based Railo hosting which allows you to host .cfm files without the expense of ColdFusion. Railo comes […]