ColdFusion Datasource Name manager for cPanel

In this article we will be having a closer look at one of our in-house built products, the CFManager. Firstly it is a cPanel plugin that allows Host Media customers to manage their Adobe ColdFusion datasource names without requesting them to be managed by an administrator or support member. This saves us and customers a lot […]

Lucee CFML Engine

We are very excited to announce from Friday the 20th of February we will be welcoming Lucee to our range of services. Lucee will be replacing the Railo services on our UK SSD servers. All other Railo based servers (SATA based – UK, US and Germany) will remain on Railo for the time being. Only […]

Lucee CFML Engine

We have been getting a lot of emails regarding the newly released Lucee CFML Engine, we are very happy to confirm that Lucee hosting will be coming to Host Media. We are still in the testing and planning stages for a release – we hope to have servers online very soon. What is Lucee Lucee is […]

After almost a month of hosting ColdFusion 10 we are very happy to announce our latest ColdFusion 10 package has been released. Start from just £2 per month the ColdFusion Lite hosting package gives you powerful CFML hosting without the high prices. To learn more please click here for our ColdFusion 10 hosting page. Host […]

At AeonCube Networks and Host Media we have been  moving our CFML code from tag based to cfscript for more performance and to keep up to date with coding in CFML. In doing so we found that when we have our cfquery’s we couldn’t simply add <cfif>/if() within our SQL code. After testing and reading what […]

We are very proud to announce another free service from Host Media that anyone can use, if you are a Host Media customer or not you can get free website monitoring for 25 websites. Some companies will charge you extra for any type of monitoring service to check your website or server is online but […]

We are very proud to be the official sponsor of the CFHour podcast show. We have been big fans of these guys over the past year and working together we hope to get more people listening. CFHour is a weekly podcast which is primarily focused on ColdFusion (CFML). While they do discuss other technologies, ColdFusion […]

Since we started out in the hosting industry we have loved hearing our customers talk about us, this year we have seem a number of users on twitter sharing their experience hosting with us which has been great. There has been 2 articles which we wanted to share and to thank those for sharing their […]

Over the past month we have had a number of issues on our CF3 Windows server which has caused both us and our faithful customers inconvenience. Due to this we have decided to give something back to all our customers on our Windows servers: We was going to have Microsoft SQL (MsSQL) services on our server […]

Running a ColdFusion or Railo event or user group? Host Media UK has started offering sponsorship deals to the CFML community events & user groups to help projects further. Examples of sponsorship support: CFML based hosting for life of the project. Funding, we are already sponsoring such events as 2011 MuraCon, 2012 Scotch On The Rocks and […]